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Try your case visually:

Susan O'Donnell  B.S. M.S.
Litigation Graphics Consultant

28 years of experience helping litigators strategically present issues to jurors, judges and mediators in a persuasive, meaningful, memorable and easy-to-understand manner.. 

Clare B. Johnson, Ph. D.

Consultant and Managing Partner

Clare joined the Milwaukee office in 2005 as a Consultant and is currently Managing Partner.  Clare has a background in systems engineering and kinesiology and draws from both to consult on cases. She holds a Masters Degree in engineering from Northwestern University and a Ph. D in Kinesiology from Penn State University.

Be trial ready. . .

Mediation is a necessary and often mandatory phase of the litigation process.  It is an opportunity to send a message to opposing counsel that you are ready for trial.  Arming the mediator with a mediation statement salt and peppered with persuasive graphics that educate impact and motivate – will help you achieve the most favorable outcome in your case.

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