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partnering with your litigation team to achieve winning results.

Try your case visually

Susan O'Donnell  M.S. CLP  Owner 
Litigation Graphics Consultant

22 Years.   201 Jury Trials.  130 Mediations.  

We partner with litigation teams to win cases visually. Specialize in crafting custom exhibits that help attorney’s and expert witnesses communicate facts and arguments to jurors, judges, mediators. 


Prior to launching TrialExhibits, LLC  in 1996,

Sue served ten years as an in-house litigation specialist paralegal.  Teamed with renowned trial attorney J. Ric Gass, Milwaukee, WI. Catastrophic injury cases, plaintiff and defense.

Be trial ready. . .

Contact Sue for a complimentary visual workup of your facts and arguments.

Mediation is a necessary and often mandatory phase of the litigation process.  It is an opportunity to send a message to opposing counsel that you are ready for trial.  Arming the mediator with a mediation statement salt and peppered with persuasive graphics that educate impact and motivate – will help you achieve the most favorable outcome for your client.

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