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Custom Graphics

        persuasive and effective storytelling 


Note: These custom exhibits are from actual cases. Because of the confidential nature of litigation graphics, some identifying features and data have been replaced with generic placeholders in these exemplar graphics. Removed from the context of the cases' strategic story sequence, these generic custom exhibits convey little meaning by themselves. These examples serve to hint at the range of strategic and visual approaches I take in the course of developing case theme visuals.  I am happy to send additional samples and discuss the process in more detail in person.


Theme of this graphic is

to highlight the treating MD

conclusion that addresses and reinforces no pre-existing condition...

Ultimately used as a

Closing rebuttal graphic.

Defense honed in on pre-accident chiropractic visits -- quantified same

to the tune of 100+ ...   backfired.


Medical graphic utilizing

the Plaintiff's X-ray

Send Sue the records and actual CTs, MRIs, Xrays and she will create an illustration.

The message to the mediator is that the Defense Expert aligns with our treating MDs conclusion relative to causation.

Serves to introduce the 

MDs that will ultimately testify.


Impactful Defendant admission...a preview of what will be presented at trial...

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