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Be "Trial Ready" at Mediation

Being trial ready at mediation does not mean playing all your cards. There are no rules of evidence at mediation, so you are free to present - to the mediator - what you believe is relevant to the case. Consider utilizing documents, testimony, and strategic text to prove your case in the most visual impactful non-adversarial way…

And expert witnessess as teachers

A successful attorney is usually a great storyteller,

but more importantly a great teacher whose job it

is to create a narrative of the case and ultimately

teach the story visually.

Imagine having a litigation team with a ‘teacher mindset’ that crafts strategic visuals to support your narrative. Sue O’Donnell of Mediation Graphics, LLC becomes part of your team to strategize and craft graphics that serve to educate, engage, persuade and motivate the mediator. Your team needs to arm the mediator with the necessary tools to advocate on your behalf with opposing counsel.

In example, a personal injury case may benefit from a chronology of events, (timelines are often an Attorneys best friend). Graphics that introduce injuries and future harms and losses while incorporating reports, diagnostics, X-rays, CTs and MRIs. In a complex case involving disputed liability, graphics often become even more important to show case specific relationships, products, and claims of fault or comparative fault.

When well done, all this work shows that your team is well prepared and ready for trial, you believe in your case, and you are ready to present it to a jury if the case does not settle.

Bottom Line

Facts and legal arguments are far better understood visually than in written format.

Incorporating strategic graphics throughout your mediation package narrative goes a long way towards a favorable settlement.



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